how to get your mojo back



Lost your fire? Stuck in a rut? Here’s how to get your mojo back… The first thing you need to know is that your “Mojo” isn’t going to just come back on its own. That moment you’re waiting on to feel good enough to do something about it isn’t coming either. You just have to get up and go capture it. Dr. Evil isn’t just going to hand it back all because you’re tired of being the nail in life. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because nobody else does when it boils down to it. You must pick up the fucking hammer, and start driving the nails.

The Infamous “Rut”

We search high and low for a sweet scientific solution, a secret strategy perhaps… Something we possibly overlooked throughout the journey that could pull us back into that uber-productive flow state that we were accustomed to. The thing is… what we were doing didn’t just magically stop working to bring about this rut. The reality is that we stopped doing the work. The plan was working and the results were flowing and the best way to get back to that is to get back to the basics.

The little monotonous tasks. The small, but massively important details that we struggle to maintain consistency in. The plan never stopped working, we just stopped working the plan, and now, we must get back to the basics and stop looking for the magic fix. It doesn’t exist and the sooner you accept that the sooner the rut will end, and you can begin to move the needle again. This is how you get your mojo back. However, let’s break it down bullet style. You guys like bullets right?

how to get your mojo back

How To Get Your Mojo Back – 5 Steps

Step 1 – Focus Expansion

What you focus on expands. It truly is that simple. You must start paying closer attention to every word you speak, write, and think about. It’s all conditioning you to act and feel certain ways. If the reality you’re experiencing isn’t the one you’d like to see it’s because you’re not in focus on the right things. You have to be focused on what you want, not what you wish wasn’t happening to you. Keep your focus locked onto the wrong subject and you’re bound to end up with a shitty picture. That’s not a product of circumstance, it’s a product of focus. Nothing more, nothing less.
Focus is the key to achieving the things you want. Good and bad things happen and there’s not a fucking thing you can do to control that. The only thing you can do is control the subject you’re focusing on.
Step 2 – The Fundamental Roadsigns
You spend so much energy focusing on attempts at innovation to the degree that it takes your eyes off the road. It blurs your vision. It clouds your judgment. The “billboards” on life’s road distract you from your destination because of this impairment. Follow the GPS. The plan you designed. The guide you crafted to get you to this point of interest. Your destination. Innovation is exciting, but arriving is more vital for your life right now. You need to get there.
Follow the fundamental roadsigns. The signs that remind you to stay focused. To not get sidetracked by every abstract billboard. You know the signs… You can feel them in your bones and yet you choose to ignore them because a chance to innovate invigorates your soul. Arrive at your destination and you’ll have every opportunity to innovate, and this time, you will be truly free to do so. Pay attention to that gut feeling (sign) that tells you to get focused on the fundamentals of your plan. This will help you get your mojo back and help you keep it around for longer periods of time.
Step 3 – Imperfect Actions
As much as you’d enjoy it, you know…all the stars aligning harmoniously before commencing an action, you can’t wait for it. The action has to be taken, and it has to be taken now. The longer you wait for the timing of the action to feel perfect, the further the goal fades into the distance. Stop craving balance and start craving action. Balance is the byproduct of massive, imperfect, action. It is the only way. Balance doesn’t come first no matter how much we want it. These stripes must be earned. You can’t get your mojo back if you’re waiting on the perfect moment to take action. Get familiar with imperfect action.
how to get your mojo back
Step 4 – The Fallacy of Balance
This idea of balance. The balance between Family, Fitness, and Finances… It doesn’t exist unless you remove Finances from the equation. Most people pursue it without realizing this. They just keep attacking all three trying to maintain it and it’s just not sustainable. That’s why life, for most people, is an endless rollercoaster of ups and downs. You’ll always need to maintain your fitness, you’ll always need to be available and committed to your family, but finances… that you can eliminate by playing the game correctly. Once it’s eliminated, you spread that newfound time into your family and fitness. It’s much easier to balance with equal weight on each side of the scale.
Step 5 – Change Your Defeated Language
If you truly want to get your mojo back and keep it, you cannot speak words that insinuate doubt or destruction. Words like “hopefully”, or phrases like “If this happens” work against you to attract the very things you wish to avoid most. They inspire doubt and attract negative outcomes. This shifts your focus from action and confidence to self-doubt and stagnation. Don’t conduct your way using defeated language otherwise the next day you’ll be defeated for real.
Command growth in your life, start by changing your language and thought patterns to reflect nothing but good. Think it, say it, do it, obtain it. Some words might not seem negative on the surface, but that’s why you must look at the depth of anything. You need to find the substance. The true meaning. Only then will you get your mojo back and have a better chance of keeping it around.


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