Decisions, Decisions… Make The Right Choices!

We have to make a lot of choices throughout life. We can’t always control everything so there’s going to be a few times when you don’t get the luxury of choice. Sometimes decisions get made for you and you can’t change that unless you are your boss, and you report to yourself. Other times it’s just life and how it plays out. Such as a car accident, someone getting hurt or killed, getting old, etc…We simply can’t control it all.

However, with that being said, we do have the ability to choose how we react to every single situation we are put in.

Our choices can have two end results.

  1. Happiness & positive energy
  2. Sadness & negative energy.

So, if we have the ability to decide if we are happy or not, as the outcome of a choice. Why do so many people constantly choose the route of sadness and negative energy? Seriously… People will make a free-willed decision to react this way, then they run to Facebook and Twitter and post about how shitty it is. It’s so annoying.

I think people are naturally drawn into drama because they think it might give them a glimpse of attention for a moment. The thing is its only attention from like-minded people. It’s not attention from legit ass people. It’s just people who suck, aka losers… Take that as you wish but know that winners focus on winning, and losers focus on winners.


How about instead of bitching to get attention 24/7 you come up with a solution and fix a problem for once? OR change the way you make choices, and choose to react in a positive way. I get it though, not all situations are necessarily “positive” experiences. I didn’t say making these choices were easy to make. They do however, result in a happier life, more friends and followers, increased productivity, and will ultimately lead you straight to the door of success. Whatever that means to you. Just make sure you have the right key.

I used to live this way for a long time till I decided enough was enough, and that I was smarter than this, and if I had to guess i’d say you probably are too. Life’s also about habits. It can be hard to break bad habits, especially this one. I use this app called Loops to help me break bad habits and develop new good ones in their places. It’s a pretty useful tool, so give it a try. There’s a lot of decent habit tracking apps out there. Just do some recon!

The next time you are presented with a choice to make, especially one that has a potentially strong negative outcome. Stop, meditate a second, and no matter how hard it is, make the choice that leads to the most happy and positive reaction.

It takes just as much effort to be happy as it does to be depressed. So if you have the free will to choose which end of the spectrum you’d rather be on. Pick the one that’s most beneficial to your health and life.

Next time that sales meeting goes sour, choose to think about all the massive deals that await you. The next time your spouse comes home bitching at you for not taking out the trash, just stop what you’re doing, take out the fucking trash, and apologize for slacking. You might feel bitter from swallowing that pride pill but you will quickly realize how much happier it is that your spouse isn’t bitching at you. Instead she’s/he’s giving you a massage.

We live in a time when it’s next to impossible for people to drop their ego. This goes for both men and women. The most crucial thing I’ve done to benefit my life was to learn how to drop my ego. It allowed me to be open to wisdom, to push myself in business, and so much more. Ego will only hold you back in life. Pride is not always the best either but I don’t have a problem with pride. It’s the ego that obstructs your ability to take criticism and improve yourself with it.

The second hardest thing most of society struggles with is the ability to tell the truth, TO THEMSELVES. Make positive choices that make you happy. Don’t make choices that drag you into the suck. If you do, you did it all on your own, and you do not deserve the right to bitch about it.

Share this with your friends if you are tired of seeing people constantly make these bad choices. If you are someone who does this. I hope it opens your eyes a little, and i’m not sorry if you find it offensive. Don’t be so sensitive. <3

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