make passive income with youtube

Let’s Monetize Your Content!

Today’s world is fast paced and when it comes to making money online there’s a lot of competition, especially for YouTubers. This means you need a solid strategy for monetizing your videos if you want to make passive income with YouTube.

Most people don’t know it but the ads they see on youtube videos help support the creators of the content. Those who are aware of this think that youtubers make boatloads of money off of adsense alone. This isn’t remotely true though. Unless you average millions of views per video you’re not making a living off of adsense.

So, this means you need to get creative if you want to make passive income with YouTube. I’ve been running a YouTube Channel for years now for my business MASK Tactical and there’s honestly not a better way to deliver video content to your fans.

YouTube is an incredibly powerful platform and most people don’t understand why, but i’ll tell you. It’s because YouTube, while it’s a video hosting platform, it’s also the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Often times people are coming to it before Google these days but it don’t really matter because Google owns YouTube.

So if you can rank a video high on YouTube, it will rank high in Google search too. Video ranking and SEO are discussions for another day though. Today I just want to tell you my top 4 strategies for making passive income with YouTube.

make passive income with youtube

1. Adsense

Google Adsense is a great method of making passive income with YouTube, but it takes time. You have to generate a lot of video views to make any substantial amount of money. Some people don’t even monetize with Adsense because it degrades the viewing pleasure of the videos they create.

Adsense can be a great stream of income when you’re pulling in hundreds of thousands of views per video, but in order to get to that level you must create high quality compelling content. And there’s a difference between high quality, and compelling. Just because a video might have great quality it doesn’t also make it interesting.

So because Adsense is such a low earner for a lot of small time YouTubers, they have a hard time keeping their channels alive when advertisers start pulling ads or YouTube slices the revenue share.
This brings me to my next key…

2. Treat It Like A Business — Brand Deals

A lot of YouTubers simply run YouTube channels and that’s it. If you want to do it right and make enough passive income with YouTube you must treat it like a business. This means not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Brand deals are another big way that creators generate passive income. As you develop your YouTube channel and grow a supportive fan base in your industry other brands are going to want to align with you. Their going to want you to review their products, feature them, or simply sponsor your videos monetarily in exchange for a shoutout.

This works great because you can set that value and sell them packages based on what their goals are. For example, if you have 100k Subscribers, you might charge $300-500 for a sponsored video that they would get a genuine plug in because the value of them being exposed to your audience is highly beneficial, and will result in them generating new business.

This also helps you out by being able to suggest relevant people to your audience and they will appreciate that greatly. What works good is getting the sponsor to provide your fans with a discount code too. Some creators turn off adsense entirely and just do brand deals.

You just have to find what works for you.

3. Sell Physical Products

Now-a-days with systems such as Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by amazon) it’s become a lot easier to launch and sell your own products. From T-Shirts to flashlights and beyond. Many creators make passive income with YouTube by selling branded merch with their channel logos or slogans on them. Then their fans will buy them to support the creation of their content.

A lot of creators use sites like teespring to launch shirt campaigns. This works out well when you don’t have the capital needed to stock a bunch of stuff. Physical products give your fans a good way to support you. Not only do you make passive income, but your fans get something tangible in return for their support.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Another great way to make passive income with YouTube when you don’t have money for physical products is by selling other people’s products for a commission. Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank, all have affiliate programs that you can join, get special links, and sell their products. Once a product sells through your link, you earn a commission!

We even have our own 50% recurring commission affiliate program you can join right now over inside the tribe. Check it out here.

There are tons of websites out there that have affiliate programs. You just need to find the ones that sell products or services that align with your YouTube Audience. They all have different commission structures too so keep an eye on that. Some offer 10%, some 50%, and some are even tiered with sliding commission scales. For example, after you sell 50 products in a month you get an additional 10% per sale or something like that.

Affiliate marketing is really popular with bloggers but it’s also a great tactic to use on YouTube as well. A great example of this would be a kit breakdown. I get asked a lot of questions about my filming equipment in my videos so a breakdown video on all of the items, and then putting affiliate links to all of those items in the description would do very well.

make passive income with youtube

So those are my top 4 tips. There’s a handful of other ways to monetize that we will talk about in the future. Remember though guys, it’s not about having fancy gear. It’s about your ability to tell a story and present in a compelling nature. Provide value first, and the success will follow. If you want to make passive money with YouTube you need to stay consistent. Empires aren’t built overnight my friends.

Stay consistent, never give up, and JUST KEEP CREATING.

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