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Balance The Chaos, Eliminate The Fog

The problem most people face with trying to get ahead in life is the seemingly impossible idea of “balance”. Ever had days when your life just feels out of balance? Well, you’re not alone. Before I figured out how to truly get organized I often felt out of balance. There was just to many tasks in my “Think Tank”, and they were all over the place. I never really knew where to start. So ultimately I never ended up getting much done. However, I found a way to get organized, and I want to share with you how I managed to get my life in order, and find the balance that so many people long for.

I started by saying enough is enough. I got to a point in my life when things were literally haywire and so out of control that it started to take a toll on me physically and mentally. I was starting to become very out of shape, I could no longer focus on simple tasks, I would sleep every second I wasn’t working and somehow I always still felt tired.

It got so bad that I had to make a choice, get organized and find my purpose, or something bad was going to happen. So naturally, I’m a pretty driven individual and I chose to get myself together, but who cares? We all go through the struggle, we all get stuck in a “Rut” sometimes right? So enough about me. I want to show you how you can stop the BS and get your life on the track you really want it to be on.

how to find balance

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What people/things in my life are impacting me in a negative way? Whether it’s your job, certain family members, or the friends you have on social media. You want to surround yourself with positive and limit the amount of negative in your life. Stop letting people dump garbage into your life. Surround yourself with positive energy, and positive people.
  2. Am I in control of my financial situation? Unless you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you are not in control. The only real job security you can have in this world is the job where you own the place and make the decisions. If you are more comfortable working a 9-5 helping someone else accomplish their goals that’s completely fine, if that’s what you want. However, if you ever want total balance you need control, because at any given moment you could be replaced, fired, or the business could fail and you would be out of a job. The best advice I can give you is to do what you love to do. Find a job you can really enjoy and love to go to. If there’s not one out there. Then you know you need to make the switch from employee, to entrepreneur. Start a business.
  3. What is my purpose? Find out what you truly desire. Ask yourself where you want to be 10-20 years from now. Don’t be afraid to think BIG. Find a purpose that is so big that it excites you just thinking about it. If it’s not so big you laugh at it, it’s not big enough.

So after you’ve asked yourself these three questions, it’s time to take immediate action. The way I got organized was to eliminate all the negative influences, changed my financial situation to something I enjoy, and I designed my purpose and created a real plan for my life. The biggest key to getting organized and staying that way is to implement the use of systems. I use several different applications and programs to organize everything in my life. From my schedule, my daily to-do’s, and my goals, to my fitness plans, business projects, and more. These systems help me manage everything about my life. There are “7 key Investments For A Successful Life“. So I selected these systems based off of those 7 keys.

Check out these 100% FREE applications and programs I use to stay organized.

  • Google Suite – Slowly but surly google is taking over the world and they have a system for just about everything. I use google calendar, tasks, gmail, drive, voice, hangouts, docs, and various other systems they provide. The main thing google does is allow me to have complete and total control over my schedule. It reminds me when I need reminding, organizes my general tasks for the day, makes communication easy with hangouts, voice, and gmail, and it does so many more things. It could be an entire book on it’s own. Check out my post on “Time Blocking” to learn how to make the most out of your schedule and take control of your time.
  • Evernote – Functional on all devices, cloud based, and secure. Evernote is a complete note taking/project management application that allows you to take notes and organize them to extreme detail. You can record voice/video notes, attach files, and you can even add people to a shared notebook to collaborate. It has presentation features kind of like powerpoint, and much more. I use Evernote to manage my bills, business plans, life plans, fitness plans, general projects and more. It’s the ultimate note taking program.
  • Trello – It’s a complete project management solution. I use it to organize my families bucket list, track my goals and tasks, and I also use it for tracking progress on general to-do’s. It’s very useful for both personal and business. Click here to sign up for Trello! Don’t worry, it’s free. (Sign Up Here)
  • Airtable – This is the cream of the crop when it comes to software solutions. It’s increadibly powerful. It’s not as user friendly as some others, but it’s so much more powerful than virtually everything out there. It’s a database on sterioids with amazing enhancements. If you know anything about databases, you know the capabilities are really only limited to your imagination. You can create a solution for just about everything in your life with Airtable.

how to get organized

Those are the primary tools I use but there are also some other great ones that I will briefly mention. However, these are more like tools to enhance what you already do. One of the systems I use is a daily routine to maximize my productivity. If you would like to learn “How To Have A Productive Day, Everyday” be sure to read my post about it. Another application I use that is no longer free, but is only a few bucks is “Strides“. It’s an app designed to help you break bad habits, form new good ones, track progress on your goals, and more. Find out your averages, check off milestones, and stay on track to achieve your goals with strides. If you’re on android, try Loops.

For me, it’s an accountability partner. It helps me stay on track, and at any time I can easily view my progress. I use it to develop better reading habits, fitness habits, eating habits, and more.

When it boils down to it, it’s up to you. I can provide you all the tricks, tools, and systems to make your life more organized, but it’s you who holds the key to creating balance in your life. One day, you will have your “enough is enough” breaking point and make the decision to sink or swim.

Nothing compares to the feeling of having balance in your life. It’s truly a happy feeling when all the wheels are turning at the same speed, and you have both hands on the wheel. Life will always throw a few potholes and bad drivers in our way, but as long as you are in control you can avoid most of the accidents. If you would like to learn more about this process of getting organized and finding balance, I’m always reachable and I love to help people do this in their own lives.

The critical thing to know here is that balance is a fallacy when you’re on the climb up the mountain. The sooner you realize this, the easier it will be. You see, we humans crave balance. We pursue it at all costs. Most of us until we die and we still never achieve it. It’s very rare. There is something I call the trifecta of balance. If you don’t know what this trifecta is, and how it works, you’ll never get there. You can learn more about the trifecta in my book, “The Primal Method“, and inside the Warrior Tribe.

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