Invest Where It Matters Most

Normally when we hear the word investment we think about finance. However, this time I want to talk to you guys about the most important investment you can make in your entire lives, and that’s to invest in yourself. There’s a lot more that goes into it than you may think…

Everyone wants to become a master of something. Maybe it’s to become a master salesman, musician, fitness expert, or doctor. Above all the biggest thing you can commit to is “Self Mastery”. From achieving self mastery you naturally set yourself up for success in anything else you set your desires on. For me, there are 7 Key areas that need to be invested in. You see, when your life is in balance, and these 7 areas are thriving and efficient, anything else you go after gets proper focus.

A lot of times when we are trying to achieve things in life we get side tracked by getting out of shape from not investing in our nutrition and our bodies, or we lose faith in a dark time in our lives and blow off the people or things that matter. Whatever the case may be, we just tend to get side tracked by one thing or another, and it’s typically one of these 7 key areas that have been thrown off that upsets the balance. When you don’t have balance in your personal life, how could you ever find balance in your business, or work life?


So here are the 7 Key Investments For A Successful Life.

1. Invest In Your Body – Make the time to workout. Not many of us actually enjoy taking the time to exercise, but it doesn’t take quite as much effort as you may think to get healthy. It is hard work don’t get me wrong, but you don’t need to spend 4 hours a day in the gym to get results. Commit to small changes and stay consistent. Even if you can only workout for 15 minutes a day. Overtime you will start seeing improvement if you stick with it.

2. Invest In Your Spirit – This means get in touch with your inner spirit. Feed it, find out what motivates you, get closer to god. For me, I try to read something spiritual everyday, even if it’s just a small paragraph or one page. Something is better than nothing.

3. Invest In Your Nutrition – No one likes dieting, however by becoming more conscious about what you put into your body you may find out some things you don’t like. Do some research on the foods you eat. I promise if you knew exactly what was in a chicken nugget, and the process in which it was made you might find yourself eating less of them, or none at all. Study nutrition and figure out the right foods that your body needs. By eating healthy, your body will naturally have more energy, clarity, and you will feel great if you stick with it. Just be carful and don’t try to go to hard to fast, or you will just fall off the plan and binge eat. You want to ease into a diet just like you would working out. Just make sure to stay consistent. Don’t diet for one week, then eat pizza everyday the next.

4. Invest In Your Organization – Being scatterbrained is the worst feeling ever. Before I got organized I never really had clarity on what I was doing with my life. Getting organized goes much deeper than color coding your closet, or arranging your pantry by food types. Getting organized means to totally organize your life, and to do so you need systems. Check out my post on “How To Get Organized” to see exactly what kind of systems I use to stay organized.

5. Invest In Your Relationships – No successful person will tell you they got where they are on their own. They will all tell you it was the people they were surrounded by that made it happen. Their friends, family, and employees helped them achieve their success. So invest in your relationships. Make an effort to continue those family traditions of #MovieMonday, or #Thursdate with the wife or girlfriend. It’s the little things that we forget about, and trust me, they add up. Don’t forget about the most important relationship of all, God.

6. Invest In Your Mind – They say the top CEO’s of fortune 500 companies read 4-5 books per month. The average American reads only 1 book per year. Even worse is 60% or so of those average Americans don’t even make it past the first chapter. If success is in your vision, plan on reading a lot of books.

7. Invest In The Next Day – In line with being organized, investing in the next day is a great way to be sure your head is always in the right place. It’s important to know your schedule. Never be late for anything. Being late is rude, inconsiderate, and ultimately will not take you very far in life if you make it a habit. Investing in the next day means to simply plan and prioritize your next day. Every night before bed I review my schedule and I first ask myself if this task is even necessary, then I ask myself how important it is. That way, when I wake up the next day my day is already prepared for me, and I don’t have to waste time playing catchup.


You can do anything you want to do in this life, but the best place to start is self-mastery. Make these investments in yourself and I promise you will see incredible improvement in your quality of life. You will also find that anything else you set your mind to, naturally becomes easier to obtain.

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