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Whatever you’re doing. . .

. . .I’ll help you take it from Average to Savage.

My approach to both life and business are virtually identical. I take shit seriously, I over-deliver value, and I actually give a fuck about my clients and customers more than money. My strategy for success focuses on 4 core aspects. Optimal preparedness, extreme productivity, creativity, and maximum action. Regardless of your needs, these 4 core values will be the platform of our relationship. I demand it from myself and ask that you do the same if we work together.

With all of this said, I am not the cheapest in the game. If you only need cheap, I can give you a referral. If you want it done right, inquire below.


Need next level visuals? I got you. Carefully captured to convey the message and emotions you desire. Whether it’s content for your YouTube Channel, Product Sales Videos or Photos, TV Commercial, Family Photos, or any Special Event. I have the tools and experience in the creative world that you’ll need to bring your vision to life. I also provide video and photo editing services for both local & remote clients who don’t need me to do the capturing.

 Buisness Consulting

As a fellow owner for many years, with a vast experience in a wide variety of industries and software, I’ve developed a knack for complex problem-solving in life and business. Whether you need help with branding, raising conversion rates/retention, audience growth, social media, content creation, copywriting, workflows, simplifying your tech stack, marketing strategy, or sales skills. I can help teach you proven methods that truly work no matter what industry you’re in.

Performance Coaching

If there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s fast, hard, high caliber work ethic. I routinely knock out twice as much work as most people do, and in half the time. This has allowed for exponential growth in my life in a lot of different sectors. There’s a method to the madness, it’s not an accident, and I greatly enjoy helping people breakthrough and unlock higher performance in their lives to get more results in every aspect. Business, Fitness, Relationships, etc…