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Primal Optics

The Viewing Lens Of Ian "Primal" Talbert.
A Place Where Ian Shares All Of His Creations, Endeavors, Wisdom, & Lifestyle.






Acquired My G.E.D.
My early days don’t contain to many noteworthy accomplishments. I grew up a playing sports, and after a few severe broken arms, I fell into professional gaming. It’s a lot cooler and accepted as a profession these days than it was back then. I was rather aimless beyond this. It comes as no suprise that I eventually dropped out of high school 2 weeks into senior year to get my G.E.D. A diploma wasn’t in the cards for me. I wanted to work and make money. I hated everything about the education system back then, and I still do today. I don’t regret my decision to drop out of school, but I don’t encourange it.
Moved To Johnson City, TN
Marion VA will always be my hometown, but there’s nothing there for anyone with real ambition. So, craving dramatic change in my life, with nothing to loose, I decided to pick up and move to Johnson City, TN and go to work for my dads various endeavors.
Started My First Business
I got my feet wet as a business owner for the first time by opening up an outlet location of an operation called “New Trade”, owned by my father. We partnered up. He financed the operation, and I ran the entirety of the store. At New Trade, we specialized in the buying and selling of precious metals, and other merchandise. It was high speed, constant negotiations, and very diverse. Running this business taught me a ton about communication, sales, products, researching, e-commerce, history, and so much more. I eventually shut my New Trade Outlet down to consolidate and change directions. I didn’t know it at the time, but new passions were forming, and bigger opportunities were on the horizon.
Started My First Business
Moved To Erwin, TN
Erwin is where I opened my first business. I moved here to be closer to it. I actually rented a 1 bedroom appartment directly ontop of my store. This is also where I met my now wife, Cora.
Enlisted In The Military
I shipped out to Ft Benning Georgia, home of the Infantry, on my 19th birthday. After serving in the Virginia Army National Guard as an 11Bravo for the 29th Infantry Division, I went on to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship, and to start a family. I served a 3/5 – 8-year contract (3 years active, 5 years inactive reserve), fully separating from the Military for good in 2018. I gained a lot of skills during my time in the military, met a lot of great folks, but ultimately discovered myself and developed newfound self-awareness that I severely lacked growing up.
Enlisted In The Military
CEO - MASK Tactical
After I got out of the military, I had a huge void in my life. Short of reenlisting, there wasn’t a whole lot of options to fill this particular void, so I decided to create it. I knew I had a passion for the outdoors, survival, preparedness, and personal development. I also knew I had a calling for entrepreneurship. So, I decided to combine those two things to create my dream business. MASK Tactical is a lot of things, but the most important thing to know is that we help people get further faster in their lives, and take them from average to savage in their preparedness. We do it all without navigating rivers of bullshit, and we even help you get paid in the process. So, if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, head on over, and check it out!
CEO - MASK Tactical
Got Married!
It didn’t take me long to know that I wanted to be with this woman for the rest of my life. She had already been by my side through my first failures in business, supported me, and stuck it out. In spectacular fashion, I asked her to marry me in a condo we were renting at the time. She said yes, and we moved again. We chose to forgo a formal wedding and we got married right on the orange shag carpet in our rentals living room. I know… I know… underwhelming. However, I do have plans to make it up to her in a big way. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Got Married!
December 23rd
Joined Keller Williams Realty!
In pursuit of growth and more ways to make money for my family, I decided to get my Real Estate license and go to work for Keller Williams Realty as an independent contractor. I dubbed myself “The Real Estate Warrior”and I’m still an active agent today serving buyers, sellers, and investors in our area and all across the country. Need some house help? Reach out!
Purchased Our First Home!
Finally, after moving 3 times in the last 3 years, we finally bought our first real home together in Johnson City, TN! We still live here today.
Purchased Our First Home!
Our Daughter Is Born!
Rowan Talbert has entered the world! Excited is an understatement. I like to think that my daughter has taught me how to love. Before she was born I was merely winging it. The love my wife and I share is strong, but the love my daughter and I share is different. Equally strong, but dramatically different. She’s got her mother’s loving heart and my passionate spirit. She’s going to do so many great things in life and I am so honored to be her father.
Our Daughter Is Born!
Our Son Is Born!
Tank Nixon Talbert (TNT) has entered the world and man does he embody every aspect of his name! He’s everything I could ever want in a son. Ambitious, fearless, and I can already tell he’s a natural-born leader. I expect great things from this kid and I look forward to helping him in every chapter of his life.
Our Son Is Born!
CEO - Primal Optics
My personal brand and home for all the unique content, products, and services I create that are revolved around the skill sets I have developed as an entrepreneur. I’ve always had a lot of things I wanted to create and offer the world that didn’t have a natural home to nest under. Here you will find a wide variety of things but to put it simply, Primal Optics is the official home for me and my endeavors. It’s the viewing lens. A place for me to share it all. All my opinions, creations, content, and life as a whole. My hope is that my optics inspire you to take action in your own life and hopefully lead us to work together in some way. I would love to help you.
CEO - Primal Optics
Started Making Music!
I have always wanted to create music. I launched my first single “Iconoclast” on September 11th. Music is a passion project for me and I have plans to make music in a variety of genres over time. My artist name is Primal, and you can find me on all major streaming platforms. Like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. I hope you dig it!

Published My First Book!
The Primal Method: A Strategic Approach To Preparedness For The Modern Age. You can buy it now on Amazon. Available in all formats, including audio narrated by me!
Published My First Book!
Ian "Primal" Talbert

Creator of impactful solutions, visionary, and the rising tide that lifts all boats.

I didn’t always have a clear vision. In fact, I didn’t really wake up and start attacking life until my early twenties. It took a few failures in business and a journey through the military to wake me up. One day God flipped my switch and I haven’t looked back since. I donโ€™t claim to be an expert in much but I try to hold myself and everything I do to very high standards. You’ve already seen my life timeline above, but who am I really? Well, at my core, I genuinely care about helping others rise above. I am a family man, advocate for total life preparedness, and my life’s mission is to be the lighthouse for as many people as possible. I hope to accomplish this goal by being transparent about my life, creating content that inspires action, and products and services that solve big problems.

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Making Music

I enjoy singing, playing guitar, and rapping for fun. Listening to music in general is one of my favorite things to do.

Gaming & Movies

I grew up a professional gamer for Call of Duty, and Halo. These days I just play recreationally for fun. I am also a huge movie and show buff.

Mixed Martial Arts

I’ve always been a fighter, but I started getting involved in MMA around 17 years old. I enjoy competing and training and aim to become a pro fighter in the future.

Photo / Video

I have an obsession with creating high-quality visuals and it has grown with intensity as the years go by.

Nature & Preparedness

My entire life revolves around being as prepared as I can be in all respects. I enjoy training bushcraft, hiking, camping, being on the lake, learning new skills and enhancing the ones I have.


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I asked the jailer to set me free, in time I discovered the jailer was me.

- Ian "Primal" Talbert