As much as you’d enjoy it, you know, all the stars aligning harmoniously before commencing an action, you can’t wait for it. The action has to be taken, and it has to be taken now. The longer you wait for the action’s timing to feel perfect, the further the goal fades into the distance. Stop craving balance and start craving action. Balance is the byproduct of massive, imperfect action. It is the only way. Balance doesn’t come first, no matter how much we want it. These stripes must be earned.
Research the questions you have about life. It’s amazing what you can find and learn by actively approaching these obstacles rather than waiting for them to scroll across your newsfeed. Is your life proactive or reactive? I certainly have reactive days occasionally, and that’s okay. We need them to reset sometimes. You must ensure you don’t get locked into it cause it’s a lousy way to live. 2-3 years of reactive living can sometimes take 5-6 years of living actively to fix.
Real proactive living is going to require a great deal of imperfect action. You can’t have both a plan for everything and maximum output levels. Plan as much as you can until it starts hindering your ability to act. Many people get stuck in the planning stage until it practically paralyzes them. I was a victim of this mentality for many years. I’ve developed my planning systems, used all the software tools, everything I could to get another ounce of productivity. There comes a line, though, where productivity turns into paralysis. I call it getting analysis paralysis, and if you’re not careful, it will set you back a decade or longer before you snap out of it.


imperfect action
I had a goal to get a kayak and learn more about fishing and have a lot of fun in the process. I wanted a real hobby to enjoy and create some content out of if I wanted to. The challenge was that I tend to put relaxing time on the way back burner because of how hard I work. I made plans, and I tried to work around the weather, and I tried to carve time, and I tried to do it “right.” However, sometimes doing it right means doing it imperfectly. We get stuck on timing and perfection in our heads, and it just doesn’t work that way. Occasionally some imperfect action is needed to get the ball rolling.
Knowing this, I decided to go for it. I said fuck the weather, whatever it’s going to be. I bought a kayak and eyeballed some PVC mods instead of making intensely complex plans like I usually would. I built a dolly system, added an anchor, built a crate for my gear, and just winged it. I had so much fun, and when I got out on the water, it was all worth it, as imperfect as the actions were. The imperfect action bothers me, and it will you too, but sometimes it’s worth it. The perfect day isn’t coming, and if you continue waiting for it, you might miss out on some great experiences and opportunities.


Arguably the most daunting thing I’ve ever done thus far in life was writing my book “The Primal Method: A Strategic Approach To Preparedness For The Modern Age.” It weighed heavy on my mind for years, and I spent a lot of time prepping and planning for it to happen. Oddly though, years kept passing, and I was yet to write a single word for the book. I had plenty of plans but no words written. Then one day, I decided I was just going to have to take some imperfect action if I ever wanted to get it done. I started writing and just kept writing. I didn’t stop to edit or think about the structure. I just wrote until I finished. Once I finished, it was much easier to reference my plans and go back and square things away.
imperfect actionimperfect action
With all that said, get up, get out, and take some imperfect action right now. Don’t worry about how great the action is or how unplanned it feels. Just do it. Now, I’m not saying to live your entire life this way. I am a big advocate for a rigid schedule and proper planning. I’m just saying that when you feel like you are having a hard time actually making progress on a goal, for whatever reason, try taking some imperfect action. Forget the plan for a moment and go do the damn thing.


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