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This page will give you a transparent peek into my war plans for no purpose other than to help hold me more accountable. I also just like to keep my inner circle informed on what I’m up to as I always have many irons in the fire.

Through these reports, I will reveal to you some (not all) of the major goals and objectives I am pushing toward in both my personal life and my business endeavors.

War Planning is what I call my planning system and the process behind it. I do it every day in some capacity but the reports I will share here with you will always be quarterly-based updates.

In each of these reports, I will provide a recap of the previous quarter’s results and a projection of the foreseeable future.


These past few months have been full tilt. I was successful in some goals and not so much in others but overall progress is progress and I feel pretty good about what was accomplished in Q2. 3 Months passes a lot faster than you think it will, lol… Especially when you get locked in and take massive action. However, it’s easy to get the priorities out of balance.

I found myself slacking on my daily/weekly logs and morning rituals more than I care to admit. I’d like to say it was intentional to test the effects it has on my productivity, but it wasn’t. Some seasons are more disciplined than others and this past quarter I was not able to maintain it well when it comes to this area. Which is weird because normally I am very on point with this part of life.

Nonetheless, I have clearly seen a dip in my production as a result of this slack. The good news is my systems are built, they work well, and all I gotta do is fall right back into them. These war logs and rituals have a huge impact on my ability to control my day and ensure the non-negotiables get checked off. I am happy to be self-aware and I am excited to get back to the basics yet again. It always seems like this is a never-ending cycle. We do well, then we venture away from the basics, then we do worse, and then we get back to the basics that move the needles in life.


  • Music – Dropped a sick new 3-way collaboration called “Grapevine” with my dudes Wrecktify and Marquese Saenz. Also released “Dreams” which is a song I did with Rowan (Speachu). She killed it and made me so proud! We’re working on a music video for it too. Beyond that, we also polished up a handful of beats that were half-done from the archives. I produced a country-trap-style beat for the first time with my nephew Gannon that is surely to turn into a banger in the future, and I produced another summer jam with Rowan and my niece Nylah. It will be her first time making a song too but I think we are going to surprise you guys when they drop! I am still passively working on album tracks and exploratory missions too. I’ve got a couple of singles and more collabs I plan to drop over Q3.

  • Fitness – Rucking is something I’ve always done. I’ve rucked probably over a thousand miles at this point. However, it’s not something I’ve done a ton of in recent years where I’ve been so focused on strength training in the gym. I have recently committed to rucking again though, starting with a simple 5 miles each month. I am also getting the kids into it with me so I plan on bringing them along when I do them. I have also been super consistent with my training in general, hitting at least 5 training sessions minimum each week with about 92% consistency.

  • Home – We accomplished a ton of work around the house in Q2. I refreshed all of our rock landscaping, built a paver patio, and a 10 ft swimming pool for the kids, and we also completed the new door and deck project. We needed easier/quicker access to the backyard and this was a great addition to our home. We still have a lot more to do, but I am very happy and proud of the work I was able to get done on all of this.

  • Family – We got in some great family time on the lake, which is our favorite place to be. My Dad acquired a houseboat so we’ve been able to enjoy the lake more and get some good family time together swimming, fishing, and cruising around. — Rowan had her 9th birthday and we also celebrated Tank’s 7th and he finally started losing his baby teeth! He lost his first two front top teeth and got him some tooth fairy money which he immediately went and spent on some beyblades and various other toys, lol.

  • Business – We launched a lot of new community-wide habit development challenges in the tribe, revamped our alliance program, and brought on another new alliance partner. We improved our review and sponsoring service packages again and I also published a new gear review/giveaway collaboration with Tekto Knives.


  • Bike Crash – Well… I was extremely excited to get into mountain biking with the kids. I waited a long time for the perfect deal on my bike. Everything was going well and we had finally found Tank his new bike. We went to break it in with a ride around the neighborhood but unfortunately, my bike and I didn’t make it back in one piece. We got to going down a hill and I was moving from Tank’s right side over to his left and during that transition, I glanced back for half a second to ensure we were clear of any cars coming behind us. It was at that moment Tank decided to slam both breaks coming to a dead stop right in front of me, causing us both to crash pretty hard. Thankfully, I was able to wrap him up in my arms as we slid about 20 feet across the pavement. He came out unharmed. However, I wasn’t so lucky. I ended up with a bunch of road rash and my bike was basically totaled. I would just have it repaired but it would cost as much as buying the bike new so it just doesn’t make sense. So now, I am on the hunt yet again for another new bike. I am going to try to find another one of the same so I can have my old one for spare parts if I need anything.

  • Missed MMA – I’ve been prioritizing business a bit more here lately which has demanded me to forgo some MMA days. Our MMA gym is about 45 minutes from home and we always attend multiple classes so MMA days are typically like half-day commitments. We’ve traditionally gone 2 days a week for a while now but lately, I’ve needed the extra work time. I still do my normal strength training and cardio but missing MMA sucks. We’re aiming to be a little more consistent in Q3 but I will likely still need the extra work time. I gotta get my purple belt this year though so we will be getting back to normal after this season. The kids gotta earn some promotions as well!

  • Family Drama – Every family has their fair share of it, but it was a lot more than usual in Q2 for us. It bogged me down quite a bit. I’ll spare you the super intimate details though.

  • Fell Short As A Husband – I’ve been through a lot in the last decade as an entrepreneur. It’s been hell on my body and mind at points and over time I developed this mindset of not being able to take my focus away from the main mission. That time spent outside of the main mission was damaging to our family plans. In my head, it represents danger and I go into protection mode. It’s hard to enjoy any “time off” or to simply hold space mentally, physically, and emotionally for the small things because of this mindset. I think a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with this. However, it’s not a great mindset to have because, to the people you love, they don’t see the danger and protection, they just see neglect. Logically, you can see how this could negatively affect a relationship. I am reminded yet again that the small things, while often insignificant in my entrepreneur brain, are vital and worth the time. – With my personality type, it’s very difficult to not always feel like I’m falling short in every area. We live and learn though. I will continue trying to evolve and be a better man than I was yesterday.

  • Rolled My Ankle – While moving some lumber across our backyard I stumbled on some rocks and rolled my ankle hard again. The good news is that due to all of the special training I’ve done over the last few years, it bounced back fast and didn’t take me down for more than a day. All the KneesOverToesGuy training has been paying off. Maybe one day I’ll even be stable enough to skate again! I am very prone to ankle injury so I gotta take it slow and rebuild them from the ground up.



  • BJJ Purple Belt – Still working toward this goal. We’re not getting as much BJJ time right now so this one may take a bit more time. As long as I reach it this year I will be happy. I’m going to strive to get it this quarter though.

  • Complete Twelve 1:1 Date Nights – I completed this goal but things got out of balance in the rotation. I tried to keep it evenly split between everyone but for one reason or another Tank ended up getting more and I owe the wife and Rowan some more dates. So this quarter I will be knocking those date nights out and then will likely set another goal similar to this one.

  • Health & Fitness – My goal over the next 3 months is to get down to 200lbs. I continue to make great strides in strength and body recomposition but my weight has stalled out a bit due to my slack in nutritional focus so I am still sitting around 220lbs. Moving forward I will be reinforcing my fasting habits, doing more rucking, and dialing the macros in it a bit better.

  • House – We completed many of the goals we had from Q2 (Pool, patio, doorway, deck, weeds, etc) but there’s still a lot more to do. This quarter we’re aiming to finish the 2nd half of our privacy fence which still needs rebuilding, and potentially getting started on the covered outdoor workout pad or cold plunge.


  • Drop 20 Singles – Making great progress on this goal. So far we’re sitting at 15/20. Last quarter we dropped Dreams, Outsider, Grapevine, and I did a feature on Coming With The Green for my dude S.Lock. In Q3 I plan to keep this consistency going aiming for at least one quality drop per month. Music promotion content is key too but I’m not going super hard on marketing my music till I finish this 20 single-release plan. At that point, we’re going to circle back around and do a ton of social content for all the releases. That’s when I will shift gears and focus on my album more while promoting the active releases.


  • Grow The Tribe – Operation: Traffic Jam is still in action. We accomplished some basic campaign planning this past quarter but did not get to launch them. I still have a bit more planning to do to ensure an optimal campaign. No half-assing anything around here. My goal for this quarter is to complete this project and get our ads live before Q4.

  • Operation: Optimize 2.0 – I didn’t get around to the course updates in Q2. However, I did get all the projects that were blocking me from doing so completed and off the plate so now I can focus on this and get it done. This project is my #1 priority for Q3 before we get our ads and marketing back online. This includes the launch of The Warrior OS 2.0 template.

  • The Primal Method – Still gotta design new mockups for marketing and SEO graphics, as well as a create nice video or two for advertising purposes.

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