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I’m a music artist, and here’s how I write a song using The Artist Ecosystem! Check it out.

Step 1

I think of a new concept for a song. Then, I open my Artist Ecosystem dashboard and start a new song file.

Step 2

I identify my emotions and come up with a short story for the concept to help me wrap my head around it a bit better.

Step 3

I write the lyrics using the included writing aids to help me if I need them. Once the song is written, it migrates through the rest of the production cycle, and I keep track of where it’s at along the way using the pipeline views. As it progresses, I also keep track of vocal references, the BPM, the key, track artwork, and more.

Step 4

Once the song has been mixed and mastered, it moves to the “Visuals” stage. This is when I begin to create the artwork, music video, and other promotional content. After that, it moves on to publishing and distribution, and I manage it all inside The Artist Ecosystem!

It’s been a life-changing tool for me. If you’re a music creator, you should grab it now. Act fast, though! I’m only giving it away to the first 100 Music Artists!

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