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I’m on a mission to make music creating easier for everyone. I believe everyone has a unique message, and music is one of the most powerful ways to spread it to the world.

When I started my music journey, I quickly realized there’s much more to this game than finding some beats, writing some songs, recording vocals, and mixing and mastering. If you want to be a true artist from concept to creation, there’s much more involved, and it can become overwhelming fast, especially when you’re independent and have to do it all yourself.

We won’t get into all that… If you’re an artist, you already know the deal. For me, I just want to put quality music out faster, and that comes down to having extremely efficient systems to manage it. I run a couple of different businesses outside of music creating and have a very busy life. I want the little time I have available for music to be as productive as possible.

That’s why I created The Artist Ecosystem, a tool to help me create, manage, and market my music more effectively. If you’re an artist too, I’d like to invite you to check it out. I am giving it away for free to the first 100 artists! Just check the link in the bio to see it in action.

Join Primal's Wolfgang. It's Free!

Why? Well, it’s a movement I am building for artists, entrepreneurs, music producers, and anyone interested in self-development. In the gang, I frequently share exclusive BTS content, education, tools to help you become a better creator, and so much more. It’s also a community for fans of my music. So, if you dig the tunes and content I create, I’d love to serve you even more on the inside. It’s free, always will be, and aligning with me only results in one thing… Growth. Massive growth in all aspects of life.


Are you finding value in my content? I certainly hope so. I put a crazy amount of effort and time into the things I create. If you did find value in this post, my only request is that you share it with your friends, fans, and family.